Ballinhassig GAA Club

Founded 1886

Co. Cork

Code of Conduct


The code of good behaviour outlines briefly the rules and procedures, which should be observed by all Ballinhassig players. Adherence to the code should ensure that everyone will enjoy their involvement with Ballinhassig G.A.A. Club. The rules are as follows:

 1. Trust and show respect, courtesy and honesty for your team mentors. Acknowledge they are human, that they are volunteers, not professionals and will make mistakes. Always let your mentors know well in advance if you cannot attend training or matches.

2. All players and mentors must be registered as members of the Club, on an annual basis.

3. Show respect for the referee and be aware that he is likely to respond unfavourably when criticised. Do not question his decision or give cheek. Give your name if asked and accept the referees approach responsibly.

4. Everyone must respect Club property and should have regard for their own and the personal belongings of others.

5. Players are expected to show the highest standards of behaviour at all times. Crude or offensive language or racist comments are not acceptable. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Control your temper and most of all resist the temptation to retaliate when you feel you have been wronged. Do not react to intimidating tactics from opponents.

6. All players act as ambassadors for the Club and should behave accordingly on all occasions, remember you act as role models for younger players.

7. Always shake hands with the players of the opposing team when games are finished and thank the referee for the match. All players remain on the field until the game is over.

8. Discipline in respect of attendance at training and taking alcohol close to matches will need to be agreed by the relevant trainers/selectors.

9. All players must play at all times by the spirit and rules of hurling and football. The reason for playing are to improve your skills, enjoy yourself and to have fun. Be committed – but fair and play the ball at all times

10. All players are required to wear full face guard hurling helmets, at all times. This is now compulsory. All players should also wear club colours when playing games.

11. No photographic equipment (including picture mobile phones) is allowed in dressing rooms.


When you win do so with humility – when you lose do so with dignity. 

Remember you cannot win all the time.



1. Each coach is responsible for discipline within their group. The coach or or the relevant Liasion Officer speaking directly with the player can deal with minor breaches of the Code of Good Behaviour.

2. If misbehaviour continues, the coach should report the matter to the an officer or appointed Liaison Officer, who will speak to the player or may notify his parents (if under-age) verbally or in writing of the difficulty



1. Respect and be fair to all players under your care. Respect and fair play must also be encouraged and emphasised within training sessions and competitions. Treat less talented players with as much respect as stars.

2. Condemn the use of violence in all forms at every opportunity.  Unsportsmanlike tactics, taunting, deliberate faking of injuries are unethical and forbidden.

3. Encourage feedback from players, be prepared to ask for, and listen to the opinions of others.

4. Destructive criticism does not result in improving performance. Players respond better to positive comments. Set a good example and be generous with your praise when it is deserved.

5. Maintain good relations, despite the heat of battle, with opposing players and selectors. Avoid verbal dissent during a game with an opposing selector.

6. Do not, verbally or otherwise, abuse any player or person involved with the opposing team on the grounds of race or colour. Such behaviour is unethical and against the law.

7. Respect the match officials and don’t let bad decisions deflect you from running the team.

8. Avoid using abusive or offensive language towards players in your charge, towards match officials in all situations.

9. Keep informed about sound principles of coaching and team development techniques.

10. Mentors must not address the referee before, during or after the game in a demeaning or intimidating way. Mentors must not incite players, parents or spectators again referees and must avoid any conduct that is construed as physically or verbally abusive



These guidelines are intended to ensure that you and your children enjoy the coaching and match activities at Ballinhassig G.A.A.Club.

1. Always encourage your child to enjoy himself, and to accept winning and losing as part of the game.

2. A parent must never abuse the referee under any circumstances.

3. As a spectator never use crude or bad language.

4. Show parents, the team management and players from the opposing teams respect and appreciation. Walk away from any actual or potential confrontation and maintain your dignity and discipline.

5. Let the coaching and game related issues to the team management. No parent should be in the team dressing room at any time unless asked by the team management.

6. Support the team from the side of the pitch and not from behind the goals in an open pitch. Try to give the team the dugout space and allow the team officials the space to fulfil their role at games or training.

7. If you are interested in becoming more involved in coaching or administration within the club just ask a club official. If you wish to discuss any matter concerning your son just approach a team official at an appropriate time.

8. Do not take the safety or well being of your child for granted. If you have any worries contact the team administrator or club officer in full confidence.

9. Be familiar with the Ballinhassig G.A.A. Club Code of Good Behaviour and our Coaches Code of Ethics/Good Practice.

10. Ensure your son always uses his full face guard hurling helmet while engaged in hurling activities.

11. Parents should know the time of drop off and collection for training and matches for their children. Clarify the details with the team management if unsure.

12. Should you become involved in any incident during a game, ensure that club officials are informed immediately.

13. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements we can make, feel free to discuss them with the Club officials at an appropriate time.

14. All parents are encouraged to become members of Ballinhassig G.A.A. Club

Remember everyone in Ballinhassig G.A.A. Club works on a voluntary basis to provide a sporting outlet for young people. If we all work together, appreciate each others position and adhere to our codes our children will benefit most.

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