Code of Conduct


Code of Good Behaviour for Players of Ballinhassig Camogie

The code of good behaviour outlines briefly the rules and procedures, which should be observed by all Ballinhassig players. Adherence to the code should ensure that everyone will enjoy their involvement with Ballinhassig Camogie Club. The rules are as follows;


1. Trust and show respect, courtesy and honesty for your team mentors and team mates.

2. All players and mentors must be registered as members of the Club, on an annual basis.

3. Show respect for the referee. Do not question his/her decision or give cheek.

4. Players are expected to show the highest standards of behaviour at all times. Crude or offensive language or racists comments are not acceptable.                                       5. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

6. All players act as ambassadors for the Club and should behave accordingly.

7. Always shake hands with the players of the opposing team when games are finished. All players remain on the field until the game is over.

8. Respect Club property.

Disciplinary Procedures
  1. Each coach is responsible for discipline within their group. The coach or the relevant Liasion Officer speaking directly with the player can deal with minor breaches of the Code     of Good Behaviour.
  2. If misbehaviour continues, the coach should report the matter to an officer or appointed Liasion Officer, who will speak to the player or may notify her parents (if under age)       verbally or in writing of the difficulty.
Code of Good Behaviour for Parents/Guardians/Supporters
  1. Always encourage your child to enjoy herself, and to accept winning and losing as part of the game.
  2. A parent/ spectator must never abuse the referee. Bad language should not be used.
  3. Do not take the safety or well being of your child for granted. If you have any worries contact the team mentor or club officer in full confidence.
  4. Parents should know the time of drop off and collection for training and matches for their children. Check with trainer if unsure.
  5. All parents are encouraged to become members of Ballinhassig Camogie Club.
  6. Remember everyone in Ballinhassig Camogie Club work on a voluntary basis to provide a sporting outlet for young people.                                                                                         If we all work together, appreciate each others position and adhere to our codes our children will benefit most.